Gas Heated Electric Pressure Washers

Configured as either Pressure Washers, Steam Cleaners or for Phosphatizing

Gas Heated Electric Pressure Washer

Power Source Electric Motor
Heating Type Gas
Temperature Hot or Cold
Configurations Pressure Washer, Steam Cleaner or Phosphatizing
Flow Rate Up to 15 gpm
Pressure Up to 3,000 psi
Accessories Automatic Shutdown, Remote Control, Rotating Nozzles, Concrete Mowers, Foot Guns & Chemical Injection Options

This series can be configured as either Pressure Washers, Steam Cleaners or for Phosphatizing; fueled by natural gas, butane or propane with flow rates up to 15 gpm and pressure up to 3000 psi.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Available with a wide range of accessories such as:

Where this equipment is used daily or is important to your operation, be sure to consider the Heavy Duty models and if it is used extensively or is critical to your operation, the Severe Duty models would be recommended.

Gas Heated Electric Pressure Washer Specifications:

In addition to the Electric Motor Driven (Cold)

Heater, schedule 80 coils, insulated and enclosed in a steel or optional stainless steel jacket.

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