Pressure Washers for Oil & Gas

Consider ACME Cleaning Equipment when the task is critical

Pressure Washers for the Oil & Gas Industry

Pressure Washers for Oil Refineries & Rigs

pressure washers for oil & gas industryACME Cleaning Equipment manufactures pressure washer systems that can be used within the oil and gas industry. ACME Cleaning Equipment should be considered when the task is critical, duty hours are long, the environment is harsh or hazardous, and long equipment life is required. Our power washing equipment provides high pressure and flow-rates to assist in the toughest of oil & gas applications.

Oil & Gas Industry Power Washer Applications:

Offshore Drilling Rig Industrial Cleaning Solutions



Problem: A client of ours was experiencing problems finding industrial cleaning equipment for an offshore drilling rig. This particular client required an explosion-proof pressure washer for use in a splash zone.

Solution: Our team at ACME Cleaning Equipment suited our client with an air motor-driven pump with 316SS construction mounted in a heavy-duty, 316 Stainless Steel cage providing about 4 GPM at 3000 psi.

Results: The customer was so pleased with the results seen from this equipment that they went on to purchase several more for their other rigs.


ACME Drilling Rig Industrial Cleaning Solutions to Eliminate Downtime


On drilling rigs, downtime is expensive, and keeping the rig clean is an integral part of the safety program therefore the cleaning equipment must be designed for convenience to the user, be uncompromisingly reliable, and unscheduled downtime eliminated.


no down time off shore industrial power washer

One of Our Designs:

Fully Automatic Controls Allow:

Result: This equipment has been so well received that several offshore drilling contractors and at least one shipyard use this as their standard.

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