ACME Cleaning Equipment provides high-pressure washers and steamers that are designed for applications which require long duty hours, low maintenance and minimal down time in harsh and/or hazardous environments. ACME Cleaning Equipment has over 40 years of expereience designing custom pressure washer systems. You just let us know the application you are needing cleaning equipment for, and we can custom-build just about anything! Contact us today to get your project started! We service various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical


Industries we serve:

Industrial Industry Pressure Washers


Equipment for maintenance cleaning as well as general housekeeping for most safety programs in manufacturing plants, steel mills, foundries, machining, repair facilities, transportation vehicles and other heavy industry.

Commercial Industry Pressure Washers


Where curb appeal is important this equipment is used to maintain sidewalks, awnings, building facades and parking garages.

Agricultural Industry Pressure Washers


Farm equipment, transportation vehicles, dairies, barns, food processing plants, slaughter houses, and packing facilities all require long duty hours every day.

Oilfield Pressure Washers

Oil & Gas

Hazardous areas, non-hazardous, land or offshore drill rig applications as well as pipeline, refineries, plants, tankers, FPSO’s, etc.

Mining Industry Pressure Washers


Both high volume with low pressure cleaners for fast large equipment cleaning as well as lower volume with higher pressure for those hard to clean areas.

Marine Industry Pressure Washers


Designed for long life in a harsh marine environment in shipyards, on vessels and in ports.

industrial pharmaceutical cleaning equipment


Explosion proof pneumatic and electric driven cleaners used for cleaning vats, other process equipment as well as general facility maintenance.

Common Applications:

Restoration Industry Pressure Washers

Maintenance Cleaning

General good housekeeping is typically an integral part of any safety program to prevent accidents as well as being able to locate leaks. Regularly scheduled cleaning extends the life of most equipment.

Remediation Industry Pressure Washers

Preparation for painting

All paint needs a clean surface for a good bond. Hot water and steam are used to remove that final film of grease.

Environmental Pressure Washers


Retail businesses need to make a good first impression which requires a clean and well maintained store front; this is accomplished with regular cleaning of the front of the business, and the sidewalk and parking lot as well.

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