Giant Pumps distributor

ACME Cleaning Equipment has the ability to manufacture pressure washer systems that contain Giant brand pumps and accessories. Giant Pumps are most commonly known for their quality construction and product line versatility. Giant Pumps are used for a variety of applications but are most notably used where extreme operating conditions are required, and are primarily used in industrial applications. Giant Pumps can be used in both pressure washer systems and spray systems, but can also be sold separately.

ACME Cleaning Equipment offers the following Giant Pumps:

  • Bentonite Pumps
  • Brine Pumps
  • CO2 Pumps
  • Corrosion-Resistant Pumps
  • GP Series
  • GX Series
  • High Temperature Pumps
  • Kamat Pumps
  • LP Pumps
  • Machine Tool Pumps
  • MP Series
  • P200 Series Pumps
  • P300 Series Pumps
  • P400 Series Pumps
  • P500 Series Pumps
  • P57 Pump
  • SP Pumps

To learn more information about how ACME Cleaning Equipment can incorporate Giant Pumps in your next pressure washer or spray system, contact us today or call 713-364-0389

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