Power Source Engine
Heating Type Gas & Diesel
Temperature Cold
Configurations Pressure Washer, Steam Cleaner or Phosphatizing
Flow Rate Up to 100 gpm
Pressure Up to 30,000 psi
Accessories Automatic Shutdown, Remote Control, Rotating Nozzles, Concrete Mowers, Foot Guns & Chemical Injection Options


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This series can be configured as Pressure Washers, Hydrostatic Test Equipment or other applications where high pressure pumps are required. The e Pressure and flow rate combinations are available to 100 gpm and pressure to 30,000 psi. Accessories such as rotating nozzles, concrete mowers, foot guns and chemical injection are available. Where this equipment is used daily or is important to your operation, be sure to consider the Heavy Duty models and if it is used extensively or is critical to your operation, the Severe Duty models would be recommended.

Typical Specifications:

Electrical Wiring: Heater switch, flow switch and the high temperature shutdown switch are wired inside a non-metallic, NEMA 4X enclosure.

Drives: Designs include v-belt drives, direct coupled and gear reduction mounted direct coupled. Where possible our designs use the v-belt drive as this has proven to be the most reliable.

Pumps: Options for various duty levels of operation
Heavy Duty - Proven highest quality pressure washer pumps, operated at maximum rated rpm and up to maximum rated pressure.
Severe Duty - The same highest quality pumps operated at reduced rpm and pressure to extend the maintenance intervals and life of the pump.
Industrial Duty and Continuous Duty pumps are also available.

Standard Features Include:

Strainer: heavy duty cast bronze inlet strainer the rugged design eliminates the maintenance and leaking problems associated with less substantial plastic strainers.

Thermal relief valve designed to discharge water which is hot enough to damage the pump before entering the pump.

Unloader bypass valve, the primary pressure relief valve designed to divert flow when the trigger is released on the trigger gun or the pressure increases for any other reason. The flow is typically diverted past the inlet thermal relief valve and to the pump inlet.

Safety pressure relief valve is a redundant safety back up for the unloader valve.

Chemical injectors are typically the downstream type where the chemical injector is located after the pump and in heated units, after the heater. This eliminates the possibility of injecting air into the inlet side of the pump, which causes cavitation and damage to the pump. The downstream injector is controlled at the gun by either changing nozzle or reducing pressure with a dual lance gun or other method. Where high pressure chemical injection is required, the suction side injector is also available.

Hoses sized for minimal pressure loss, a 4:1 safety factor (burst pressure is 4 times the rated working pressure), crimped MNPT ends (plated steel is standard but 316 stainless steel is recommended for marine or other corrosive environment applications) and quick couplers (brass or plated steel standard and 316 stainless steel for marine or other corrosive environment applications).

Spray gun assemblies typically consist of a trigger gun (rated 5000 psi, 10 gpm, 300°F.), 48" insulated lance, twin nozzle holder with high-pressure narrow fan nozzle and low-pressure chemical application nozzle.

Frame can be configured with a protective cage. The fabricated steel base is typically constructed of 4"x 5.4 lb/ft structural steel channel and the cage of either 2” x 2” or 4" x 4" x 1/4" angle, corner mounted lift eyes and hose hooks are available.

Corrosion protection, the standard is two party high build epoxy and the marine is either galvanized or sandblasted to SSPC-SP 10, 3 mils Carboline Inorganic Zinc, 3 mils Carboline 890 Epoxy and 5 mils Carboline 134 Poly Urethane, final coat blue unless otherwise specified. All nuts and bolts are 316 stainless steel.

See note below Engine Driven – Oil Heated (Hot and Cold) for performance information

Download our Engine Driven Motor Chart (PDF)

Gasoline Engines:Gasoline Engines:
4.2 1450 1504G 5.6 5025 5006G
3.1 2325 1903G GPM PSI 30 HP
GPM PSI 9 HP 6.6 4850 5007G
8.0 1150 1208G 6.0 5750 6006G
7.2 1450 1507G GPM PSI 35 HP
6.1 1625 1606G 6.6 5750 6006G
5.4 1850 1805G GPM PSI 65 HP
4.6 2325 2305G 10.0 7100 7010G
GPM PSI 13 HP Diesel Engines:
6.0 2250 2306G GPM PSI 10 HP
5.4 2350 2405G 8.1 1175 1208D
4.4 2550 26054G 7.3 1475 1507D
3.5 4000 4003G 5.3 2000 2005D
GPM PSI 15 HP 5.0 2375 2305D
8.0 1775 1808G 4.5 2275 2604D
7.2 2075 2007G 3.9 3025 3004D
5.9 2475 2506G GPM PSI 13 HP
5.3 3125 2705G 8.0 1775 1808D
4.4 3125 3104G 7.1 2500 2507D
GPM PSI 16 HP 5.8 3175 3206D
7.2 2300 2207G 5.1 3450 3405D
5.9 2825 2806G 4.5 4000 4005D
4.3 3025 3604G GPM PSI 19 HP
GPM PSI 18 HP 7.9 2500 2508D
7.9 2475 2508G 5.1 5175 5005D
7.2 2525 2507G 4.7 5600 5505D
5.9 3250 3206G GPM PSI 26 HP
5.2 3550 3505G 6.4 4550 4506D
4.5 4000 4005G 5.9 5600 5506D
3.9 4975 5004G 5.4 5725 6005D
6.1 3500 3506G 6.6 5750 6007D
5.0 4050 4105G GPM PSI 40 HP
4.8 4475 4505G 9.0 6625 6609D
Oil and Gas fired heaters available up to 5000 psi.

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